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Save our Tigers
Published By sunilmenon on 2010-02-14 2273 Views

India is a Land of animals and Tiger is our National Animal.India is currently projecting itself to the world for the progress and revenue generation.But we as an human being were not even bothered about what is needed for wild life and conservation of wild animals.Current status of Tigers left is around 1400 and we are the one who is responsible.Decresaing numbers in tigers population has made a serious challenge for their survival.Conservation is needed for tigers so that national reserves will come forwards and safegaurd their natural habitat. The article is dedicated for the survival of Tigers, the process to help and save our tigers which have only reserve left for their survival.India is a land where most of animal use to live in jungle and do to increase in population there is no forest left for animals to stay.Land is turned into industries for globalization and inturn land cannot be used for other purpose. As major part of Land is occupied for construction and agriculture, then half is covered form sea only left some of the Land is for animals.we have crossed our boundaries and cut down major forest areas and we want our lives to be settled in big buildings and apartments. Tigers are our national animals then why we were not thinking about them before as we have reached to end of a road and want to save them.The reserve where tigers are preserved are Ranthambore,Corbett,Kanha,Bandhavgarh.Others are also there but population is less there for Tigers. Save the tigers will help our tigers to be preserved india and will helping hands so please start blogging, write articles and help save the tigers. Ways to preserve Tigers can be: 1. Plant more trees. 2. Conserve Rain Waters interms of rain water harvesting. 3. Preserve forest areas and human beings not to enter forest. 4. Control Pollution and population. 5.

Try to save food and do not waste as food is major problem of land convertion into agricluture. Major problem in todays world is no body want to save others as their time is reserved for growth and increments in their daliy life.Think about others so that this world can become a peaceful place to live. .
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